How the Pandemic Corona Did Not Affect Mental Health

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I’ve been studying the return of the swine flu and its effect on the health of healthy adults for several weeks now. One of the questions I have been asking myself is how did the pandemic curve start? And how did it affect those who had it and were never able to catch it? The swine flu was highly contagious when it was eliminated from New York and it seemed like the worst thing that had happened since the black plague. However, there are a lot of unanswered questions and I’m here to explain some of them.

It is known that most people don’t get the full benefit of their flu shot when they get sick. That’s why a lot of people experience higher than normal colds and the flu season usually goes on for six months. When the swine flu was eradicated from New York the same high fever that goes along with the flu returns. It’s also not uncommon to see children and adults alike with a red, irritated face and swollen lymph nodes in these same places. So, how did all of this start and why does it not affect mental health?

Most people have experienced the symptoms associated with the swine flu, but very few people understand what really caused the pandemic to occur. It is known that the strain of the virus changed with the changing seasons and individuals living in warmer climates are more susceptible to swine flu. Since everyone is not at risk, it is easy to see why swine flu outbreaks occur only during flu seasons. This makes it very hard to control or stop.

The symptoms of the illness typically affect people with severe allergies. A lot of people who have allergies find it hard to cope with daily activities. It is common for people to be anxious, irritable, and moody after exposure to anything that causes an allergic reaction. Since so many people are not at risk to get the illness, it is not surprising that mental health takes the brunt of the impact of the virus. People who have a history of depression and anxiety in their families are at much higher risk than others. Mental health is tied together with overall health and the way you feel and treat your mental health can reflect how you will handle other health issues.

How the Pandemic Corona Didn’t Affect Mental Health A recent study that looked at how the Pandemic Coronas in Mexico had an effect on mental health showed no significant results. Researchers measured the levels of mental health indicators in individuals before and after swine flu outbreaks in five cities. The data were taken over a three month period. Although there were fewer signs of mental health issues before the pandemic, those feelings increased as the flu made its way through Mexico. Overall it was found that there was no significant change in the mental health of people.

How the Pandemic Corona Did Not Affect Mental Health Although, the results of the study did not directly show how the Pandemic Corona did not affect mental health, the data they collected does offer insight into the manner in which it may affect you. Those who had a higher number of prior swine flu outbreaks had more mental health issues than those who had none. Also those who were having higher temperatures and experiencing more stress prior to the swine flu outbreaks had higher counts of both. This data is important to know because it can help you plan better in case another swine flu outbreak occurs.

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